Connected Car & Mobility Platform

Enables A.I. Powered Digital Transformation of Mobility

Provides customized application solutions to automotive and mobility industries through real-time processing of behavioral, diagnostic and contextual data.

Business Innovation
Business Inovation

Ottoo provides all the necessary infrastructure and customization services so you can focus on the innovation.

Data Monetization
Data Monetization

Our artificial intelligence explores meaningfull connections and correlations in your data set and increases opportunity for monetization across the value chain.

Quick To Market
Quick to Market

Our ready to deploy mobility, connected vehicles and IoT modules will let you quickly launch your product.

Drive your business to the future

Drive your business
to the future

Ottoo extracts value from connected car data and gives your business the tools to transform it into unique driving experience.

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Product & Service

Scalable and modular archtitecture of our platform enables us to serve the needs of all industries with mobility focus and pave the way for new apps and services.

Unlock new opportunities, discover new possibilities for your business. Do not hesitate to contact us now.

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Ottoo Culture

Our innovation driven culture brings together brightest minds and industry veterans in a context that values collaboration. Ottoo aims to lead the paradigm shift of the automotive industry where all the focus is turning back on the user experience. Thus our culture nurtures the individuals’ skills while making their working experience a memorable one.

Ottoo Culture